Rachael & Andy’s Fun and Relaxed Military Wedding

This was my first military wedding and man was I excited. One of the reasons I’ve always enjoyed multi-cultural weddings is experiencing the unique traditions different countries bring to a wedding. With a proud history of traditions I had the same interest in seeing what the military would bring to a wedding. I was especially excited about witnessing the guard of honour and it certainly did not disappoint.

The wedding took place on the base in an old Priory where Andy was based. This provided both a homely feel and a historical element which was really cool. The entire day from start to finish had a lovely chilled celebratory vibe to it.

 Gin & Lavender & Kids

It’s always fun to see the personal touches couples blend into their day. An important element for Rachael and Andy was clearly family as demonstrated by the large number of children invited. I personally think kids at weddings are great! They always seem to be able to lift everyone’s energy levels and they’re also great fun to photograph, mainly because you never know what they’re going to do next.

Another important element was Gin. This was represented by a very impressive gin bar which was maned by the Best Man Si for most the evening who knew his gin with a passion. Gin was also the theme for the dinner tables where each table was named after one of Andy and Rachael’s favourite gins. Another fun element on the tables was the use of ‘interesting’ photos of each of the guests (pulled off social media) instead of name places. This sure kicked off some fun conversations and acted as a great icebreaker.

And finally there was the lavender which was beautifully decorated around the priory. My favourite bit had to be the lavender stuck down the barrel of an old rifle which was very ‘Banksy’ as Andy observed.

If you’re planning a military wedding or any other type of fun and relaxed wedding then I’d love to hear from you!