A Cool Winter Engagement Photography Shoot in Central London

Lorna and Brendan were over from the US visiting some family in the UK when they got in contact about doing an engagement photography shoot in central London.

Christmas Holiday Engagement Shoots

Around Christmas time I often get a lot of requests from recently engaged tourists visiting London. In part because it’s the holidays but also because Christmas time is the most popular time of year for proposals. It’s always a lot of fun showing tourists new parts of London they haven’t seen before.

One of the coolest things about London is it’s sense of discovering. It’s a lot of fun sharing this with others while sharing stories.

Two of the Coolest of Cats

As soon as I saw Lorna and Brendan walking towards me, Brendan with his bowtie and Lorna in her red dress and dyed her I knew this was going to be a fun shoot. This was one cool couple. Being a winter’s morning there was a layer of mist over the Thames which added a really cool element to play with.

A couple walking along the bank of the Thames next to Tower bridge in the mist for their central London engagement photography shoot.

Exploring Leake Street (aka Graffiti Street)

Halfway through the shoot we took a little detour to go and explore Leake Street underneath Waterloo Station. The tunnels are a really cool spot filled with interesting street art and fantastic light from the tunnel’s entrances. Very few tourists (and many locals) don’t know about them but they’re one of my favourite places to shoot because of how unique they are. Plus the art work is continuously changing.

The Waterloo Tunnels aren’t for everyone but during the short time I spent with Lorna & Brendan I thought it’d be up their street and they loved them. The tunnels also provided a great view of the alternative side of London which made an awesome contrast to the big famous landmarks.

If you’d like to have an engagement photography shoot in central London then get in contact to check my availability. I’d also be happy to answer any questions you might have.