Best Documentary Wedding Photography of 2015 | A Review of My Favourite Moments from the Past Year

Wow what an incredible year 2015 has been! Nearly 12 months ago today I quit my office job in the city and went full time with my wedding photography business. There were a few moments when I found myself banging my head against the wall, especially in the early days (I have to pay how many different types of tax?!) but not once did I regret the move. The life of a wedding photographer (certainly not glamorous by any means) turned out to be a lot more rewarding than I had anticipated. It’s an amazing industry to be a part of where your competitors (feels really odd calling them that) share tips and advice without condition and even refer new clients to you. They’re also great to meet up with for a pint or a Sambuca. How many other industry’s can boast that? It’s also thanks to all these fantastic individuals that I’ve become the photographer I am today.

And then there are the amazing couples that I get to work with. There’s something pretty amazing about being able to get to know a pair of people during one of the most exciting parts of their life and be invited to join in that adventure with them. If I’d had a tough week it didn’t matter because on Saturday I’d be surrounded by laughter, tears, a whole range of other emotions and some wild moves on the dance floor. My inspiration tank would be topped up and I’d be ready to take on what ever the next week or month threw my way. 

I’m currently sitting in a café in Amsterdam (ok so there might be a little bit of glamour involved) on New Years Eve trying to select my favourite photo moments from 2015. It’s been tough…. Each wedding I go through I’ve had a little chuckle (received more than one strange look from the other customers in the cafe) and a touch of goosebumps as all the memories of those awesome days come back. Cutting down the selection of my favourite moments has taken the best part of the afternoon; but I finally made it. Now time for some NYE celebrations! Happy New Year All!

A huge congratulations to everyone who got married this year and a special thanks to all the couples who trusted me to capture their amazing stories. Below is a selection of some of my favourite documentary wedding and engagement photos from 2015! Here’s to an equally awesome 2016!

Best Documentary Wedding Photography 2015 by Matt Badenoch Photography.