Battersea Park Maternity Shoot Photos with Sarah and John

It was such a blast to hang out with the awesome Sarah and John for their fun Battersea Park Maternity Photography shoot. So much messing around, laughing and giggling that felt like we were back at school. There was even a bit of a boxing match going on at one point.

Getting Lost in Battersea Park

Having walked through Battersea Park on several occasions I was really looking forward to this shoot. On entering the park I thought I’d take the scenic route through the gardens as I had a bit of time to spare. Big mistake. Got completely lost. My usually accurate sense of direction was completely thrown off by the winding paths through tropical gardens and over lakes. With no signal in the park not even Google Maps could help me. When I eventually made it out I ran straight into a tall metal fence with concrete blocks at the bottom. Turns out they were preparing for the Formula-E that weekend. This ran across most of the park making it even more challenging to make it to the bandstand meeting point. Luckily still made it there before Sarah & John.

Sarah the Athlete

Sarah is a personal trainer/ entrepreneur. This is actually how I’d first got to know her. She is one of the bubbliest personal trainers I’ve ever met. Not one of those ones that clearly take pleasure from your pain. I’d met John once before as a Butler in the Buff (yes that’s a thing) at the awesome Hope In Heels charity event organised by Sarah. Where these guys get all their energy from, I have no idea. So it was new to see John this time with a shirt on. A shirt I found out had been doing him proud for over 15 years. The whole shoot was effortless and a ton of fun.

Wishing Sarah & John all the best with their future adventures together with the newest member of the family! I can’t wait to meet her/him!