Eleni & Rich’s Awesome Athens Wedding on the Greek Coast

Returning to Athens

I’d been to Athens once before at the age of 2. According to my parents I’d had a great time, but until recently I’d always had to take their word for it. After returning to Athens for Eleni and Rich’s Greek wedding celebrations I now know for myself. Sitting in a square with the sun on my skin, live local music playing, waiters clapping and dancing, sampling new tastes and views of the Acropolis, I love this city. The place has a life of it’s own.

Athens Wedding

I’d met Eleni and Rich in London the previous year and have been looking forward to their wedding ever since. And wow did it not disappoint! Eleni is Greek and Rich British with them both living in London. I always enjoy multi cultural weddings as it’s fun to see how the different elements are brought together. They had a Greek Orthodox ceremony on a hill side by the sea outside a beautiful stone church. This was followed by a reception supplied with an incredible Greek buffet and dancing until the early hours.

The day was filled with so many awesome and beautiful moments that making the selection for this previews post was a real challenge.

Hot hot hot

During the weekend of the wedding, Athens was enjoying a mini heat wave. In Greece this meant 46C° in the heat of the day. For an outdoor ceremony it was warm even by Greek standards. But Eleni and Rich, being the champs they are didn’t let this impact the sense of celebration (helped a little by the flower girl providing some cool relief with her mini electric fan). Big respect to Rich and his best man for going full on suits in this weather. I don’t know how they did it.

Aint no party like a Greek Party

Ahead of the wedding I’d heard a lot about the infamous Greek dancing and so couldn’t wait to experience it first hand. It certainly didn’t disappoint. The movement, the energy and the team work was awesome.