The fella behind the camera

I’m guessing you’ve seen some of my photos by now so it’s probably time for me to introduce myself and share why I do what I do. Firstly though, what you see above is my typical reaction when someone turns a camera on me. Yes like you, I also do not feel all that comfortable in front of the camera.

For as long as I can remember I’ve seen life as this great adventure, filled with opportunity, discovery and incredible people. It was this view point that fuelled my passion for travelling the globe from a young age and soaking up different cultures. It even led to me moving out to Sierra Leone for 6 months. While living in Sierra Leone I stumbled across photography and its power as a tool to enhance life’s adventures by ensuring our memories of the best bits never fade.

This love of capturing the best bits of the human experience is what led me to becoming a wedding photographer. Because nowhere else are you given free licence to capture such a powerful (and fun) range of human engagement and emotion.

These beliefs are rooted in how I run my business and work with my couples. My goal for your wedding will be to create photos that capture all the nerves, excitement, laughs and tears in such a way that your memories of the day will become your most treasured possession. Down the line they will always be there to remind you what a great adventure life is.

On a less serious note here are few things you may have never known about me: