Chloe & Davide’s Beautiful Tower Bridge Proposal Photo Shoot

Davide reached out to me a few weeks before his planned proposal to Chloe. They were based in Ireland and were visiting London for a week. Davide thought London would be the perfect place to proposal.

We jumped on a video call to turn his vision into a reality and find the perfect spot for his proposal – Tower Bridge (one of London’s most iconic and beautiful landmarks). On the morning I used my Ninja skills to capture the moment in secret. After Davide waved me over and congratulations were shared we went on a little photo shoot adventure along the river.

Before I hand the mic over to Davide to share some of his experience I just wanted to emphasise how bloody lovely and cool these two are! In addition to clearly being crazy in love, they are such a fantastic fit that even their clothes matches (not planned). It was an absolute blast to hang out with you both!

Couple laughing on their London engagement shoot

Davide’s Experience of his Tower Bridge Proposal

“I was terrified when it came to the moment to propose in public. On the day that fear only lasted a couple of seconds and once we met Matt it was pure fun and laughter.

Not only a friendly and professional guy but turns out he knows a lot about London and it’s history. One of my favourite photos from the shoot was next to the street art by Borough market under this lovely tunnel. We’ve been to so many incredible places that without Matt we would have never experienced or seen and for that I will never forget it!” – Davide

Chloe’s Experience of her London Proposal

“My fianc√© hired Matt to capture the moment he proposed to me in London and honestly it made the experience so enjoyable! I didn’t know Matt was actually there at first. But after the shock of my the proposal Davide made me aware of Matt and the few hours we had with Matt afterwards were amazing!

Matt is such a professional and down to earth guy who made us feel so comfortable throughout! Matt wasn’t just our photographer but our own personal tour guide throughout our London photo shoot which made the whole thing so casual and such a nice experience! Again Matt thank you very much we are so grateful for your talent!” – Chloe

Photo of couple in front of St Pauls Cathedral with Cherry Blossoms in March during their engagement shoot

From Tower Bridge to St Pauls Cathedral

One of the many things I love about London Proposal Shoots is the range of locations available in such a small area. One of my favourite places is the stretch between Tower Bridge and the Millennium Bridge. We got to enjoy The Tower of London, the Shard, City Hall, HMS Belfast, Borough Market, St Pauls Cathedral and few other gems along the way. We were also very lucky to find some Cherry Blossoms in season next to St Pauls.

All these photos and more were captured in only 1 hour 30 minutes!

My Last Shoot Before Lockdown (Covid19)

Taking place mid March, Davide and Chloe’s Tower Bridge proposal was my last shoot before Lockdown. While this would be a start of a challenging number of months, I couldn’t have asked for a nicer couple to finish with.

A massive congratulations again to the super cool Davide and Chloe! I’d like to wish you both all the best for your future adventures together!

Are you thinking of proposing to your partner in London and would like a photographer to capture it in secret? Get in touch and let’s make it happen!