An South Bank Engagement Shoot filled with love, laughter and all forms of weather

Layne and Matt (fellow travellers and foodies) were visiting London for a few days from the US. As well as checking out a local “soccer game” they wanted to do an engagement shoot so they reached out.

They were keen to see Tower Bridge and Borough market so we opted for an engagement shoot along London’s south bank. This is one of my favourite areas of London as it offers such a great range of the modern and the historic in a relatively short distance. You’ve got Tower Bridge, The Tower of London, HMS Belfast and Brough Market – the historic. And City Hall, The Shard and The City – the modern.

As we got close to the date the weather forecast was looking increasingly intense. As Layne and Matt were only visiting for a few days we didn’t have the option of postponing. So they brought along waterproof jackets and we went for it.

Couple laughing in the rain and sun on their south bank engagement shoot

I will now hand the mic over to Layne and Matt.

Why did you choose to do a London Engagement shoot?

We wanted an engagement shoot in London specifically because of the great memories we had there on visits while we were dating. We have never had professional photos taken and we wanted something permanent to remember that time in our relationship.

What locations did you pick for your South Bank Engagement shoot and why?

We chose Tower Bridge, riverfront, and Borough Market as locations because we liked the mixture of iconic scenery we could capture and we have some great memories visiting Borough Market. Matt did a great job finding unique locations that produced some really amazing photos.

Do you have any advice or recommendations for other couples planning to do an Engagement shoot in London?

My advice would be to first find a photographer and locations that fit your style. Once you get there, enjoy the moment and have fun with it! The more relaxed and carefree you are during the shoot the better. Matt will take care of making great photos.

Street photography photo of couple kissing in front of Borough Market sign and the Shard with blue sky

What was your experience like working with Matt?

We went into it not knowing exactly what to expect but we ended up having such an amazing afternoon with Matt. He was great at making us feel comfortable throughout the shoot and took the time to get to know us as well! We had some very unique weather during the shoot and Matt truly made the best of it. In fact, the photos in the rain were some of our favourites. We loved the unique locations he knew about in the area and we were so pleased with the results. We had so much fun that we ended the session over some ciders and great conversation.

Do you have a favourite photo?

Definitely the photo with the rainbow background is our favourite. We also especially love the photos in the rain, and the photos in front of the Borough Market pub!

To wrap things up we enjoyed a cheeky pint by the river in a good old London pub. It’s amazing how much of London you can enjoy within a 1 hour 30 min shoot!

In over a hundred engagement shoots, I’ve never experienced such a range of weather extremes within a single shoot. I hope the images below highlight how all types of weather offer great opportunities for photos.

Layne and Matt were such a blast to hang out with and I’m so thrilled they were up for braving the weather.

Are you thinking of having a South bank engagement shoot or photos at another London location? Get in touch and let’s make it happen!