Luke & Nikila’s Beautiful Sunrise Greenwich Wedding Proposal Photos By Photographer Matt Badenoch

Luke reached out to me a week before his planned proposal to Nikila. They’d been living in London for the past 3 years and working as paramedics for the NHS. They were about to return to Australia and Luke was keen to have a London proposal.

Luke wanted to propose to Nikila in Greenwich Park as it’s where they had their first date. On our planning call I recommended the top of One Tree Hill Vista which has great views over London. Luke picked sunrise for his proposal (brave as he admits he’s not even a morning person). This added to the intimacy as we were one of the only ones in the park at that time, plus a few dog walkers.

One of the things I love about these Proposal Features is a chance to hear about the experience from the couples themselves. I proposed to my partner last summer and know first hand the level of nerves and excitement that can be involved in a proposal. This is emphasised when you have to keep it all a secret from the person you’re used to sharing everything with.

A massive thanks to Luke and Nikila for taking the time to share their experiences, which you can read below.

Couple sitting next to flowers in Greenwich and laughing on their proposal photo shoot

Luke’s Experience of his Greenwich Proposal

“From waking up till the actual moment I was nervous about being found out (I’m not normally a morning person). We arrived at Greenwich Park where we have lots of memories as it is our favourite park in London and the site of our first date. The Nerves had settled slightly before walking to the final location. The moment she said yes was the happiest of my life.

After we had celebrated I came clean and told Nikila about the secret photographer. Matt had been hidden in plain sight and taking some wonderful photos of the proposal (one thing I definitely do not regret organising). We then said hi to Matt who advised us of what we were going to do from here.

We went on a tour around some of our favourite sights in Greenwich and took some photo’s which were available to us later that night! Matt was extremely friendly and has provided us with a wonderful service.” – Luke

boyfriend and girlfriend laughing and hugging in greenwich park

Nikila’s Experience of her London Wedding Proposal

“Greenwich has always been my favourite place in London, filling me with many fond memories over the years. I think Greenwich Park is beautifully stunning and the views of the city skyscrapers and the River Thames are amazing. On the 11/08/20 I made another new memory at Greenwich Park. I got engaged to my partner, at the most pretty and beautiful place in London. I didn’t realise at the time, but Matt had been filming and photographing my partner proposing to me. It wasn’t until my partner pointed out Matt, that I realised he had been present and taking our engagement photos.

Matt photographed us at all the best beauty points in Greenwich Park, at the Maritime Museum and CuttySark. He captured such fond moments with stunning backdrops. My favourite photo taken that day is of my partner on one knee giving me my engagement ring, with the view of London in the background. The photos Matt took for my fiancé and I, are stunning and beautiful and each time I look at them I still get tears in my eyes.

I want to thank Matt for photographing all the beautiful moments we had on our special day, and for giving us such beautiful photos to cherish and remember the special day of 11/08/20.” – Nikila

Greenwich Proposal Photos of Couple sitting on a bench and laughing

Greenwich Has So Many Amazing Locations For Photos

One of the many great things about London Proposal Shoots is the range of beautiful photo friendly locations you have in a relatively small area. A personal favourite area of mine to photograph proposals has to be Greenwich. Greenwich Park offers intimacy for the proposal while being able to enjoy beautiful views over London. Afterwards you can take photos at the Cutty Sark, Royal Naval College and Maritime Museum. Greenwich town is also really cute for photos and a wander.

All these photos and more were captured within Luke and Nikila’s 1 hour 30 minutes proposal shoot.

NHS Heroes

Both Luke and Nikila are paramedics for the NHS. During our shoot, I asked them about their experience working during the Covid19 pandemic. I found the scariest bit to be how they would arrive at scenes unknown to be Covid related or not (especially when the symptoms were less clear at the beginning of the pandemic) with just gloves and a small mask as protection. They shared all this with a brave face and no complaint. I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Luke and Nikila for their incredible efforts! Especially as all I had to do during lockdown was stay at home.


Nikila & Luke’s Greenwich Proposal Photo Story

A massive congratulations again to Luke and Nikila! I’d like to wish you both all the best for your future adventures together!

Are you thinking of proposing to your partner in London and would like a photographer to capture it in secret? Get in touch and let’s make it happen!