Porto Street Photography with the Fuji X100s

Visiting Porto for the Fearless Photographers Conference

My Porto Street Photography adventure all came about thanks to being invited to the 2016 Fearless Conference in Portugal. While my main goal was the conference, I managed to book in an extra day to explore the city. Being my first time in Portugal I was pumped.

Porto (yes this is where port comes from) is Portugal’s second largest city after Lisbon, located in the north by the coast. Getting lost in the endless alleys and side streets was a treat. When ever you fancied a break you could stop at one of the many cafes littered around the city for a fresh seafood dish (4 Euros), local wine (2 Euros) or a tiny coffee (1 Euro).  

Shooting with the Fuji X100s

I was extremely lucky to have an absolutely beautiful day to explore the city (a welcomed break from the London doom and gloom). This gave me some great beams of client and dark blue skies to play with. Below are some of my favourite photos from my Porto Street Photography adventure. All of them were shot on my latest toy – the Fuji X100s (a little slow at times but over all a perfect companion for city adventures). I hope you enjoy!   

Getting to Grips with Portuguese

Btw if you’ve ever been told that Portuguese is similar to Spanish, don’t believe it. There may be a few overlapping words but for the most part it’s a completely different language. I realised this on my first morning when I learnt how useless my limited Spanish was. This led to a crash course with Google Translate (did you know it can now change text viewed through the camera from one language to another? Super helpful for menus).

Street Photography vs Wedding Photography

Street Photography is an area of the photography that I’m finding more and more fascinating. Especially as a tool for improving my wedding photography. Adam Riley has written a great post on this topic, that’s definitely worth checking out. So if you have any tips when approaching street photography or feedback on the below, please feel free to share them in the comments section. 


Porto Street Photography by Matt Badenoch Photography.