Creating Visually Impactful, Storytelling Photos that Highlight the Efforts of NGOs WorldWide

We work with NGOs and humanitarian organisations worldwide, to promote their work with emotionally impactful images. We use our documentary photography skills to tell their stories and the stories of their beneficiaries.

Who We Are

We (Matt and Corina) are a husband and wife professional photography team who have developed our skills over the past decade primarily as documentary wedding photographers and also through our street photography. We specialise in creatively capturing real stories in a candid way (without staging or directing subjects) resulting in visually and emotionally impactful images. We both also share a passion for the developing world. I (Matt) studied International Development at University and worked with Care International in Bangladesh for 3 months and World Vision in Sierra Leone for 6 months, before becoming a photographer.

We are aware of many of the sensitives with working with beneficiaries (especially children) and always photograph our subjects with kindness and respect in an ethical way. We only photograph people in vulnerable situations while working alongside NGOs to ensure that we can achieve this.

In 2019 we put our photography skills to use documenting projects for NGOs in Nepal (see photo examples below). Our plans to expand these efforts in 2020 were cancelled due to the pandemic. We are now excited to be returning to this work.

What We Do

1) Highlight NGO Projects and Initiatives

Our goal is to create visually and emotionally impactful photos that highlight the importance of the NGO’s project. Our photos can also inform and help the viewer empathise with the beneficiaries’ situation. These photos can be a useful tool in attracting additional resources and financial support.

2) Bring Attention to Issues

Our goal is to raise awareness and bring more attention to a specific issue (eg homelessness, education, women’s rights, underage marriages, environmental impacts on farming etc). As these issues can cover multiple projects across multiple NGOs, they are less about promoting the efforts of a single NGO and focused more on the issues themselves. This usually requires more conversions and a longer time period for photographing the issue. We are aware that it may be important to protect a subject’s identity for such projects and have a number of creative options where a story can be told without showing the subject’s face or revealing their identity.

Fees & Rates

We do this work pro bono and do not charge for it. It is our wish to help promote the amazing work of NGOs and bring attention to important issues impacting people’s lives. This is not a for-profit venture for us.

Contact Us

If you would like to speak with us about photographing one of your projects or an important issue, please email: [email protected]

Project Examples

Example 1: The Brick Factory & Daycare Centre (Nepal)

The Project: Unable to afford childcare, workers at brick factories have no choice but to bring their children to work (until they are old enough to attend school). The bricks, sharp dust and bodies of water are an extremely hazardous environment for a young child. The NGO partnered with the brick factory to build and staff a daycare centre close to the brick factory. The centre provides a safe place for the worker’s children, along with a healthy meal and education.

Example 2: The Orphanage (Nepal)