Fun Filled Regents Park Engagement Pictures in London

Hattie and Simon were really something else to work with during their Regents Park engagement pictures. They took pissing around in front of the camera (often how I describe these shoots) to a whole new level.

Photographing an Old Friend

For context, Hattie and I go way back. Her brother and I have been good mates since the age of about…11 years old. So when she asked me to photograph her absolutely epic festival wedding up in Scotland (gotta check this one out) I was ecstatic! But before the wedding we met up for some engagement pictures in Regents Park.

Kicking Off Down the Pub

As is not uncommon with my engagement shoots, I offered to meet up for a drink first (great for loosening the nerves of those not used to being in front of the camera). So we met up down the pub for a pint and a crossword (as it turns out) to kick things off.

Another thing I often say to my couples at the beginning of an engagement shoot is to relax, don’t take it seriously and just have fun with it. Well Hattie and Simon took this to a whole new level as you can probably tell from the below photos. For example, hanging in a tree and performing yoga (I think that’s what it was) in the tunnel, that was all them :)

Why did they pick Regents Park for their Engagement Shoot?

Regents park offers a lovely range of different locations and scenes. From lush trees and beautiful flower gardens to sports in the fields and picnics in the long grass. Regents Park even has a zoo.

I wish this awesome couple all the best in their future adventure together, which are sure to be plentiful!

If you’d like to have an engagement pictures in Regents Park or any other London location then get in contact to check my availability. I’d also be happy to answer any questions you might have.