A Fun Filled Same-Sex Borough Market Engagement Shoot with the Awesome Stuart and Daniel

This was my first Borough Market Engagement shoot. My lucky victims for the day were Stuart and Daniel. Great choice of location guys!

Why have your Engagement Shoot at Borough Market?

If you haven’t visited Borough market before, it is a maze of strong smells and mouth watering sights. It was the perfect location for a documentary style engagement shoot. Stuart and Daniel were free to explore the market while I ducked and weaved my way into odd positions to get the best angles. Looking back I’m surprised how few times I got stepped on.

Nothing Like a bit of Friendly Competition

What made this engagement shoot extra special was that Stuart was a fellow photographer. He even brought along his camera along to the session which was a great idea. You could see them both disappear into their own world. After a bit Daniel decided to get involved in the action with his camera phone. Turns out he’s got some pretty mean photo skills too.

Finishing Down the Pub

When we’d had enough playing around with the cameras, Stuart and Daniel were kind enough to invite myself and my girlfriend for a drink. Here they showed off their new app which measured the number of steps each had taken. They insisted it wasn’t a competition…..not sure how much I believed them.

I can’t wait for their same sex wedding next month at Leeds Castle in Kent! Yep the name mislead me the first time I heard it too.

Borough Market Engagement Shoot by Matt Badenoch Photography.