Christmas in Germany for a bit of Berlin Street Photography

There Is No Where Like Berlin

Berlin is a city like no other. The East of the city is filled with so much character from the street art to the unique bars and restaurants and even a converted brewery pool hall. The energy is amazing with the Christmas markets and clubs that never sleep. At the house parties who meet people of all walks of life who welcome you in as one of their own and always have fascinating stories to share.

A Deep History

And then there’s the history of the city. Rather than hide a shameful past, the German people embrace it so that others can learn the painful lessons. This is something I greatly admire. The wall, Checkpoint Charlie and the Holocaust Memorial all stand as a reminder of where fear and hate can lead.

Berlin made such an impression on me that I debated moving there for a short while. Turns out it’s 30% cheaper to be a London Wedding Photographer based in Berlin and commute each weekend than be based in London. Who knew? But I decided I’m not quite finished with London yet :)